More Than A Parisian Trinket

I remember the night so vividly. I was 19 and I knew I was in love. Now I know that sounds ever so cliche, but it was true. We had been gallivanting across Europe for 5 weeks already and even though our feet were so sore and our backs were so tired from carrying our bags everywhere we went, I couldn’t have imagined being anywhere else in the world at that moment. We stood there, and the lights began to glitter and refract on every mirrored surface on surrounding buildings. Everyone around us oohed and awed at the sight, but we were awestricken silent as we took it all in. The Eiffel Tower was everything and more than I had imagined it would be at night. We stood there snuggled real close to keep warm and time seemed to stand still with us for five whole minutes. After the glittering was over, he looked over at me and said: “I am gonna marry you one day, did you know that?” I looked at him directly locking eyes and said: “Oh are you now?”. My version of flirting was sarcasm, which he fully knew and directly translated my response into “Quit waiting then, you know I will say yes”. As the crowd dispersed and streams of people pushed towards the metro station, the street salesmen livened up and began hollering the great deals of their merchandise. Tanner, the love of my life, for the first time in 5 weeks of traveling seemed to be interested in what they had to offer. He swiftly drug me through the crowd to a man who had a blanket laying on the ground against the wall. On this blanket were an array of treasures that seemed so different from the other trinkets that men were selling on the streets. Tanner squatted down and inspected a few objects while I was stuck trying to understand the pricing structure of these knickknacks. After a few minutes, Tanner stood up with a bracelet that he seemed to have meticulously chosen. I complimented it and said, “Your mom will love it!”. “My mom? You think I am buying this for my mom?”, he laughingly said. He asked how much the seller wanted for it, he gave him just that much, and we walked away. Instead of leading me towards the metro station, Tanner took me by the hand and lead me upstream the swarm of people, back to the very spot we had just watched the glittering Tower from, and he said we needed to relive that moment just one more time. We sat in that spot for 45 more minutes until it was the top of the hour, and the glittering began again. Just as the lights began to do their dance, Tanner stood up, grabbed my hand and we slowly walked towards the water that reflected the Tower perfectly. He spun me around, and by the time that I had made a complete turn, he was down on one knee. My heart raced and he said, “I know that you want this moment to last forever, but I would rather have you with me for every moment from here until forever, so will you marry me?”. As I let out a loud “Yes!” people began whistling and yelling their congrats in different languages as he slid the bracelet he had just purchased onto my wrist. After visiting 8 more countries, we made it home to the states and got married 7 months later. Every day since that moment has been just as magical as that night and we have been inseparable. This bracelet is more than just a Parisian trinket. It is more than just a beautiful bracelet. It is a symbol of love, devotion, and forever adventure with the one you love by your side. This bracelet holds the magic to bring someone else the same joy and an adventurous partner, which I want to pass on to its next deserving heir.

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