“We have enjoyed working with the Tapstir Team! They have really helped us develop and design our brand, capitalize on our company culture, and help us envision the future and possibilities for TapStir! We are excited to see where this work takes the future of Tapstir!”

-Nick Crump, Cofounder of Tapstir Drinks

“Testing the market for the Relate Assessment was an exciting task for us. We developed multiple strategies to test the market, however, we weren’t sure we had the bandwidth to achieve them all in such a short amount of time. The UVU team eagerly accepted the challenge, suggested meaningful deliverables to help achieve the product goals, and, ultimately, they delivered.
– Alec Gallego, Director of Business Development
 “The team was easy going and fun to work with. They handled themselves very professionally and helped to create content that will benefit us with future projects and campaigns.”
– Zak Haws, Marketing Manager

The UVU Marketing Team were creative in ways to improve the UVU Marketing program as a whole.”

-David Przybyla

“Compared to my previous experiences with UVU Marketing students, this was my dream team.  The group has a rock solid understanding of content creation and marketing strategizing.  Not only were they great communicators, but they were great listeners.  They listened to my input and needs and made sure they happened.  I would highly recommend this team to anyone.”
-Greg Johnson, Managing Director, Skyline Exhibits Utah
Whistic logo

“Working with the group at UVU was a great experience. They consistently delivered outstanding work and communicated effectively throughout the course of the project. We received valuable, timeless content that we are able to use at our leisure. Thanks UVU!”

-Mike Gardner
Senior Manager of Customer Experience

“I was impressed by the extra initiative taken by the team to contact actual potential clients in the corporate fields referenced in the buyer personas they developed. The information received through their research has helped us better understand our potential clients and better tailor our marketing strategy for Lexicon to fit their needs.”

– Alec Gallego
Director of Operations

Wolverines Logo

” I need assets like this and I don’t have the funding to pay for these videos to be produced. It was heavy on the production side of things rather than the analytical side of marketing, and that’s what I need right now. I feel these videos will have an impact on the club. I also have plans on using them for recruitment as well.”

-Garrett Hadley
Director, Wolverine club

Comenity logo

“UVU Marketing Management delivered an outstanding marketing plan for a new product
launch. The research behind the product launch, which was the basis for the launch plan,
was spot-on and well thought out. Additionally, the team created a brand and an action
plan within budget that would make the launch successful. We were so pleased with the
outcome; it exceeded our expectations. Thank you!”

-Judy Belluomini
Compliance Officer/Director

Emmersion Learning Logo

“This team has been great to work with.
The documents that they have created will
be a big help to our company. They are all
very important to our sales and marketing
success. Thank you!”

– Joe Tomco
CEO Emmersion Learning

“The group was incredibly engaged. From constant communication to weekly face to face meetings. They were willing to do whatever would be beneficial and in line with their goals.”

– Skyler Munson

UVU Logo

“The project we started was able to reach students who were either attending UVU or deciding whether or not to attend UVU. We were able to get the ball rolling on educating the younger generation of UVU students on the Marketing program we have here at the university and what potential it could hold for them. Overall, the project went very well. Good communication and diligent work on the project deliverables led to a smooth process. I would highly recommend this group to anyone.”

-David Przybyla
Professonal in Residence

“This marketing team at UVU has been amazing to work with. The social media and email campaigns reached further than I thought and love seeing that something is happening now. I also have a great video that explains clearly and quickly what Delphinium is about and the testimonials from students that have been helped by our product. This team really laid the foundation for our marketing efforts in the future. Thank you!”

-Jared Chapman PhD, MBA, M.Ed.