The Legend of the Yogi Bear Fork

It was the year 1850. Gotlieb Henrich Kohler III was digging the new latrine pit in the backyard of the family cottage in Switzerland. With a grin on his face, he labored away in the hot summer sun. As he was thrusting the shovel that old man Kübler had given to him on his 18th name day he spotted an orange object poking out of the ground.
Gotlieb exclaimed as he reached down to pull out the beautiful specimen.
“An orange fork! With a bear as the handle! No one will ever believe me!”
Gotlieb grabbed his favorite shovel and the new orange fork and skipped off to tell his father.
“What haves’t thou in thy hand Gotlieb?”
His father asked as everyone crowded around Gotlieb. No one could believe their eyes. Such a wonderful fork it was. Everyone wanted to use it, but Gotlieb wouldn’t let it out of his sight.
A few months later Gotlieb wanted to take the fork to the Americas to start a new life. He was scared someone would steal his cherished fork. And so, he set off. He left home with nothing but the clothes on his back and the fork in his hands. Excited. Scared. Unsure as to what his future had in store. He found a ship sailing to New York. He agreed to scrub the decks in exchange for passage to the new land. No one had any idea of the fantastic fork he had hidden on a chain around his neck. Weeks came and went. Gotlieb labored away on the ship. He was sound asleep one night holding the fork in his hands when he heard screaming and explosions. He scrambled up to the deck and saw they were being attacked. Pirates! He watched as the ship was torn apart and his crewmates were slaughtered. He hung on to the fork as he leaped overboard into the stormy seas.
Only two things survived that night. Gotlieb and his fork. He was later found fisherman and made it to New York. The story of the survivor and the fork spread all over the city. Everyone wanted the fork for themselves. Gotlieb hopped aboard a train headed west to a strange land people called Utah. When he arrived, no one questioned him about his fork and he met a wonderful young lady and started a family.
The fork has been passed on from generation to generation. By some cosmic coincidence the bear fork resembles Yogi Bear and we started to call it the Yogi Bear fork. It now hangs above the fireplace in my home. Because great great great grandfather Gotlieb found such a perfect fork while digging for shit, our family has prospered. And so there it is, the Legend of the Yogi bear fork.

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