The Lucky Rabbit’s Foot

I know what you’re thinking. How could an animal appendage actually be lucky? Well here’s the thing, it didn’t start out lucky, it was made lucky. When I was growing up everyone thought of me as the most unlucky person ever. In elementary school, kids would barter on having less players just so I wouldn’t be on their team. So time after time I had unlucky experiences – not anything drastic like people dying around me, just unlucky. Like the time my car got broken into in high school..the iPod I had just gotten a week before? Gone. So that’s how it’s been – my family, friends, and even people who didn’t know me knew I was the unlucky kid.

I tried everything just to get a little good karma going around in my life. When I was 20 years old, I volunteered at a homeless shelter only to knock a bowl of chili over and burn a homeless man’s leg. I was sentenced to house arrest for a month. One day my sweet Grandma gave me a rabbit foot and said it was lucky. I thought to myself, “ so typical Grandma, falling for any marketing scheme that calls something lucky”. I figured, what the heck? I was desperate. Nothing could possibly get worse. I didn’t think it would make a difference to be honest. Just a random animal appendage in my pocket.

One month later I’m hiking in the Himalayan mountains in order to “find myself”. I met Nashtalacog, a Buddhist monk with a nice little goatee who looked so ancient it was like he came out of the mountain only once a century. To my surprise, that’s exactly what he said! “I only come out once every hundred years to give luck to one person and let them pass it on”. He then asked me if I had a token and at first I was reluctant and a little creeped out, but I thought what could I possibly lose? I gave him my rabbit foot. Nashtalacog took it, turned around and went back into his little house on the mountain. He came back 5 minutes later and gave me my rabbit foot. Well, as any courteous person would do, I thanked him and left thinking this was the strangest experience I have ever had. I went along with my hike and tried not to think about it that much. The next morning I woke up to a beautiful sunrise spreading over the peaks that were just out the window of the vernacular I was staying in. For some reason, everything felt different. I went downstairs and I noticed my luggage was gone! To my surprise, I discovered that I was given an alpaca that had just had all my luggage loaded onto it. The trip continued with little things happening that kept making my trip easier. People giving me extra socks because they couldn’t make it up the rest of the way, food being airdropped from a drone and so on. On my flight home, I even got upgraded to first-class for no apparent reason!

It wasn’t until I got back home to the United States that I reached into my pocket and pulled out that grayish-brown rabbit’s foot. I looked at it and realized it really was lucky. I started entering giveaways on social media and actually won! I won a camera, a car, deodorant for a year, and Mexican tacos a once a week for the rest of my life! I went on living my life to the fullest, racing, gambling, sports betting, skydiving anything that I was always skeptical to do before, and won every time. I started to see if this rabbit’s foot would bring even my family good luck. One day when visiting my family I pulled out my rabbit’s foot and touched my brother, sister, mom and dad on the nose with it. The next day was the luckiest of their lives. My bother was given a brand new car, my sister got accepted into Harvard and my parents won a month-long cruise with a bonus $100k. Word got around to my friends, my friend’s friends, and soon people I didn’t even know. I eventually set up a little side business and people started paying me $10,000 dollars just for a day with luck. It was great.

You’ve probably heard of the guy who won 907 million dollars in the lottery. Yep. That was me. Eventually, I realized this life wasn’t making me happy. So I moved to Peru where I can finally be myself. Now sitting in my humble mansion and after diversifying all my assets I finally feel at peace. It’s the first time I’ve felt truly content since all this started snowballing out of control. I realized that people were never really sincere to me, they just wanted to be friends so they could use me for my luck. I started thinking about that fateful day when I first met Nashtalacog. I remember that he said he expected those with luck to pass it on. So here am I am! If you find yourself in a less than desirable situation or even are unlucky as I once was, bid here. I wish you a world of luck. Please remember that when you’ve had enough luck, pass it on. The best feeling that comes with having this luck is changing people’s lives forever. I hope this luck makes a real difference in the world, and in your life.

Best of luck.

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