The Story of the Hazel

Hazel is symbolic of the wonderful smells and sounds that take me back to my childhood memories of Christmas Eve. The night I met her is a special memory. It started off like any other Christmas eve. We gathered together to grandma’s humble home to make pies, cakes, and wassail. The crackling sound of the fire invited us into as the warmth washed over us. I quickly darted over and began stoking the fire, making it bigger and bigger! The only thing that distracted me from this destructive beauty was her. I was entranced by her beautiful blue robe that made her tiny painted eyes pop like popcorn. She stood staring at me with her fellow nutcracker family as if begging me to play with them. After playing with them for a while, it hit me that I was starving. I left to go join the rest of the family, leaving Hazel and her nutcracker family in a jumbled mess.
I jumped into dinner with a ravenous hunger that could only be solved by eating all that I could see. After my third plate of food, I fell into a wonderful food coma, that carried me to into a disoriented evening. Upon waking, I returned to the place where I had left my toys and found the nutcracker family was missing! After inquiring all my family, no one could tell me of their whereabouts. I was afraid to ask my grandma, for as much as I loved her, I also feared her!
I had been so good throughout the year and I couldn’t ruin my streak! So, on a hallowed Christmas eve, I knew I had to confess to my grandma that I had lost her prized collection of nutcracker dolls and receive my penance. Before we gather to open our stockings, I pulled her to the side, in tears, to tell her what had happened. Gramz smiled and leaned over and kissed me on the forehead and then whispered something in my ear. My spirits were instantly lifted and a smile began to shine on my face. As we gathered to open the mountain of stockings with our names on them, everyone began to find candy, trinkets, and toys, but to my excitement I found Hazel. Out of the 20 grandkids that were there, I was the only one who got a member of the Nutcracker family collection! I felt special, which was the best gift I have ever received. I hope someone out there will be willing to pass this gift on to a certain child who desperately needs it!

PS If you want to know what my grandma whispered to me, I will tell the winning bidder!

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