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Top 5 Clothing Items Every Gentleman Should Have:

Blue Oxford (Button Down)

A good blue oxford is a must have for any gentleman looking to add style basics to his closet. It goes with everything and almost every color. You can dress a blue oxford up with a navy or grey suit. Keep it simple with tan chinos and blazer or wear it with a nice pair of shorts and loafers. A blue oxford button down is crucial for laying the foundation for a classic style.

Good Denim (No Dad jeans)

What would we do without jeans? Good denim is the hardest piece to get right but one of the most important to have in your arsenal. For jeans, I recommend a dark wash of either dark blue or black. Those washes will go with everything you own. Another rule with good denim is the fit. You don’t need skinny jeans but make sure they fit nice to avoid the “dad” look. Good denim also goes nicely with a good pair of white sneakers or dress shoes.

Oxfords/dress shoes (The Finishing Touch)

Every gentleman needs a solid pair of dress shoes; non-negotiable. This wardrobe basic is the finishing touch on any classic looks you put together. Again, what makes dress shoes a necessity is their versatility. Wear them with a suit, nice pants, or even good jeans. There is a rule about the denim/dress shoe combo we’ll talk about in a later post.

Chinos (Versatility at its Best)

Chinos are the Swiss Army Knife of pants. They work in any kind of outfit and can be worn in any season. Throw on your favorite sneakers and a coat and you have a great casual, date outfit. Pair them with dress shoes and a blazer and you’re ready for any dressy event that life throws your way. Gentlemen that have a tan pair of chinos are ready for anything.

Blazer (More Advanced)

Why a blazer? Blazers work with so many outfits and seasons that they are the chinos more attractive cousin. There are two major rules when looking at blazers. One, make sure your first one is navy blue. This color is multifunctional and will save you lots of stress when getting dressed up. Two, make sure it fits nicely. The blazer’s fit and type is super important but we’ll get into that in a later post.

I hope you enjoyed today’s list of top 5’s. What did I leave out? What is missing from the list that you’d like to know more about? Leave a comment down below with what you think was missing and I’ll pick more items to touch on in a later post! Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next time on The Classic Gentlemen.

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